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2012 - Fic Summary!

Well, heck, looks like 2012 was the year of the drabble... whatever works!

The summer was kinda 'dry' but October through December, I was a writing fool! Mostly drabbles, but from Nov 1 through Dec 31, I wrote something every single day. Great habit that I know I can't keep up, but it's a great momentum for 2013!

There's still the 2012 SGA_Santa story to add and there's a HP_mini_fest story to go... I'll add them to next year's list!

I wrote 99,000 words this year! Whoa! That's a serious up-tick from last year's 86K, but a good chunk of that was in the Atlantis Big Bang Story on AO3 that I never linked to from my journals... go figure. But lots of you found it anyway and made lovely comments, there, too!

If I'm ambitious, I'll be uploading to AO3 and other places.... You'd think I'd just cross-post as I go along. And keep track of everything, too! Next year!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that read, commented, helped and just plain hung around... Here's to a great 2013!


If a link doesn't work, poke me....

StarGate Atlantis

The SGA fics are McKay/Sheppard unless otherwise noted

Dear Diary, 512 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/48394.html
Flower Shop Porne (Lorne/Parish, AU), 364 words, http://somehowunbroken.livejournal.com/179163.html?thread=3146203#t3146203
Bound, 252 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/49766.html
The Complement of Hell (2011 SGA Santa story), 8650, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/47255.html
Birthday Cake, 2019 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/50843.html
Don't Be My Valentine, 1050 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/50340.html
New Stallion in the Corral, 860 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/53055.html
Sweet Mystery of Life, 14,181 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/55892.html
Lost in Translation, 1,210 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/57167.html
The Reward for a Job Well Done, 987 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/57792.html
What Goes Around, 1,068 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/58173.html
Hell's Fury, 3800 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/58381.html
Physical Therapy, 600 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/58844.html
Not-Birthday Presents, 862 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/59398.html
A Christmas Song, 445 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/65017.html
Dog Day Afternoon, 1750 words (although technically a WIP), http://goddess47.livejournal.com/68390.html

Huh. Guess I never made any of my own links to this! For the 2012 Atlantis Big Bang.

Kiss Me, Arthur, 42,670 words (!), http://archiveofourown.org/works/528933

And another I missed, my McShep Match story

The Circle of Its Mortal State, 3946 words, http://mcshep-match.livejournal.com/147834.html

SGA Drabbles

Home for Good, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/52700.html
St. Patrick Day Drabbles, 500 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/52823.html
Final Countdown, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/53481.html
Size Matters, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/54149.html
Desire to Touch, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/57471.html
Touching, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/58050.html
2 A.M., 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/59136.html
Memories, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/59736.html
Sharing, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/60062.html
A Man with a Plan, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/60246.html
Member of the Family, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/60592.html
Heirloom, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/60778.html
Surviving, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/61054.html
Hidden Treasures, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/61266.html
Recovery, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/61624.html
Going Home, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/61843.html
Decorating the Tree, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/62211.html
The Game from Hell, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/62639.html
Christmas Travel, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/62920.html
Making Lemonade, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/63121.html
Spoiled for Choices, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/63635.html
Traditions, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/64441.html
Re-Gifting, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/64724.html
Party Games, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/65644.html
Kissing, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/66789.html
Lazy Morning, 500 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/66855.html
Falling Snow, 500 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/67594.html
A Toast!, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/68886.html


Causing Terror, 661, Gen, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/51720.html

Harry Potter

These are Harry/Severus

Sooner or Later Delicate Death, 2,850 (READ THE WARNINGS), http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/12614.html
Brown Paper Packages, 2,557 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/69275.html

Harry Potter Drabbles

Reluctant Leavetaking, 100 words, http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/1749.html
Mark? What Mark?, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/51042.html
Choices, 100 words, http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/3537.html
Easter Egg hunt, 600 words, http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/2114.html
All Wet, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/53966.html
Nap Time, 300 words, http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/2654.html
Knackered, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/63986.html
Remedial Chestnut Roasting, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/64110.html
Location, Location, Location, 300 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/65272.html
Priceless, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/65408.html
Hand Made, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/65828.html
Memories, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/66113.html
Kissing, 100 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/66490.html
Comparative Religion, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/67313.html
Thin Ice, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/67541.html
This Olde House, 200 words, http://goddess47.livejournal.com/67967.html

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