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Physical Therapy (NC-17)

Title: Physical Therapy
Author: goddess47
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: None really
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Length: 600 words
Summary: For the mcsheplets Challenge #135 - soldier

NOTE: I love Squee weekend, I get to visit with friends and finally finish some some fic that have been on my hard drive!

This is why John liked to top, he thought muzzily. While Rodney was more than capable of topping from the bottom, when he was on top he had full control. He was able to tease Rodney beyond distraction and sometimes get Rodney to turn his huge brain off.

On the other hand, John loved the feel on Rodney's cock in his ass. Rodney was bigger around than he was and there was always a stretch and burn whenever Rodney entered him. When Rodney bottomed out and his balls rubbed against John's ass, the feeling of fullness was amazing.

"Move!" John growled.

"Tsk, tsk, Colonel," Rodney murmured, leaning over and forcing John to bend just that bit more that he'd knew he'd feel it in the morning. "No where to go, no one is expecting us," Rodney brushed his lips against John's. "We have all night."

"Rodney..." John should have been embarrassed at the whine but Rodney had moved slightly and pressed firmly against his prostate.

"Shh..." Rodney levered up and moved his hips slightly. Not enough for John's liking but it was a start.

"I need..." John clamped his mouth shut.

"That's it," Rodney soothed, moving out and back in slightly. "Tell me... talk to me..."

For this was Rodney's 'therapy' for John. He'd seduce John with kisses and warm hands -- John would find himself on the bottom and Rodney would hold John's orgasm off until John would talk about whatever was bothering him.

John knew Rodney could hold out forever. Rodney had amazing stamina in bed and used it ruthlessly when it came to making John talk to him. He pulled out almost completely and moved in, tagging John's prostate.

"Rodney...." John whined, "just... let me come...."

"Talk to me," Rodney was firm.

"You... they hurt you," John admitted. "And I couldn't save Bending and Matias," John babbled. "I should have seen it coming..."

Rodney pulled out and pushed back in again, so slowly. It felt amazing.

"Those bastards would have killed you next," John ground out. "I couldn't stop... stop them..."

"Ronon and Teyla were there," Rodney reminded him. "They were locked up just like we were." He moved his hips again, "They were fighting just as hard."

"It's my job..." John protested breathily. "I... I couldn't protect them." A deep breath. "I couldn't protect you."

"You can't do everything yourself," Rodney said gently as he leaned in for another brushing together of lips and sat up to piston out and in twice. "Say it," he commanded gently.

John tried to resist. His head knew he needed to say it, to say it aloud but his heart never wanted to give in to the reality.

"John..." Rodney whispered. An appeal... a command.

"I... can't do it, I can't do it all," John all but sobbed.

Rodney didn't say anything but picked up his pace, powering into John faster and harder.

That was enough to push John over the edge. He was coming and coming hard. Rodney's hips stuttered and John felt a flash of heat that was Rodney's coming in his ass.

They panted together, exchanging soft kisses, John relishing the weight of Rodney lying on him. But he knew they'd have to move soon, this position would become too uncomfortable.

Rodney moved first, letting John stretch his legs out. They lay side by side, enjoying the heat of each other's body. John reached over the side of the bed and grabbed a t-shirt to wipe them both down. Rodney wrestled the bed covers over them.

As John drifted off to sleep, he whispered into Rodney's shoulder, "Thank you."


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That is how much I love this. I love the care that Rodney shows John here, knowing what he needs is not necessarily the same thing he's asking for. Love it love it love it.

And love you, too!
That's definitely one way to get John to talk XD
Oh, yeah! Rodney knows how to get things done!

Hot and sweet!

\o/ for squee!

\o/ for Squee indeed.... we think of you!

And thanks!
I love Squee weekend because I got to read this on your lap. *g*

I love how Rodney gives John exactly what he needs, whether John knows he needs it or not.

Lovely! ♥

Yup. Rodney knows exactly how to handle John!
This is a great way to make John talk. Unfortunately/Fortunately (?) it only works for Rodney. *g*
It is a *great* way to make John talk.... at least it works!

Oh John... He really needs someone like Rodney beside him, needs someone who can get the emotions out of him, get him to talk. John carries such a weight on his shoulders, and Rodney can help lift at least part of it. Love the story, the intensity, the sweetness, the love in it. Thanks for sharing.
Only Rodney can do that... lucky for John he does...

Thank you!
good thing I'm ambidextrous. I can do a fist pump of joy and dump ice down my shirt at the same time w00t!
w00t indeed!

Oh I love the way Rodney gets John to talk, very effective!
So bittersweet. Lovely ficlet.
Sad and sweet and heart-squinchy all at the same time! Well done!
You are so wickedly bad--to be able to write this in the midst of us, with no break in concentration despite the gabble of magpies around you and all the delicious distractions (I believe there was splooge at one point...)

Rodney isn't the only one with amazing self-control! :-)

And to pin John down and make him talk about the things he needs to get out? *happy sigh*
What an excellent way to make John talk! Rodney is definitely a genius.