goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Signal Boost -- a Friend in Need

Most of my friends are SGA fans, but I belong to an SG-1 Jack/Danny Yahoo group where one of its members, Holdt (Syl), has been undergoing some serious health issues and the related financial problems.

Holdt is also a videographer and one of the driving forces behind vidders.net, if you're at all familiar with that site.

The AccDanCloset Yahoo group (used to be Pepe's Place before she closed up shop) has dug deep and put together a couple of Zines to benefit Holdt.

More background info here: http://www.manicmea.com/p-thank-you-plus-information-on-fanzines

The zine itself is available through the hard working Jmas at Ancient's Gate here: http://www.ancientsgate.com/zines/AFIN.html -- there's both slash and gen options!

Check it out!

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