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Gak'd from Facebook

How fast can you identify these words?

1. B o o _ s

2. _ _ n d o m

3. F _ _ k

4. P _ n _ s

5. P u _ s _

6. S _ x

1. Books

2. Random (although I thought "fandom" LOL)

3, Fork

4. Pants

5. Pulse

6. Six

You got them wrong, didn't you.....

Dirty minds think alike! \o/


I think I got them all right - according to MY mind (not the real answers) and it took all of maybe 5 seconds. Actually, I think I did go with books for #1 Hmmmmm

We'll have to do something similar at Squee 3!
Coming up with words like this would be fun!

but, but where's bl_w_ob?
I've never been so proud to fail something in my life. *g*
It is amazing that we all think alike!

Hee! I got them all wrong... though #1 threw me there for a sec!
I had to think about that one, too! :-)
Only 5th was hard! Everything else I got wrong in a heartbeat. XD
Love the chance to be wrong for a change! Fun, isn't it?
My thought process went something like this...

1. Books "that was easy"
2. Fandom "guessing that's not right, but who cares"
3. F... "oh, :)"
4. P.... "well naturally that would follow the previous two:D"
5. confused by numbers 3. and 4., I had no idea what this was :D
6. "exactly what I'm thinking about right now ;)"