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48 Hours

For the next 48 hours I have absolutely, positively no obligations to anyone or for anything! I don't even have to get dressed!

The hubby has gone away on a scuba diving weekend. I was going to go along (to be sociable) and while he and his buddies were off diving, I'd have a lovely hotel room to myself for writing projects. Then! The buddy that was going to ride with us pointed out that we only had a car and he had an SUV and he could get more 'stuff' in his vehicle. At which point the hubby kindly offered that if I didn't want to go, I didn't have to. I faintly protested that, no, I'd be glad to ride along, not a problem. He reiterated the you-don't-have-to and I graciously took him up on it! FTW! (Brer Rabbit has nothing on me!)

And. Those of you who know me, know that I'm a kinda-primary caretaker for my elderly dad. He needs help to get in and out of bed daily and I take him to church on Sundays. Well, with the original plans to go away for the weekend, I had already booked the additional helpers we have to cover my 'shifts' this weekend. And shame on me if I take away earning opportunities for the two lovely women who help me and my sister with dad.

So. No one but you and the folk I work with even know I'm home this weekend. Friday through Sunday evening.... I have just returned from some much needed car maintenance (cleaning, oil change and tire rotation) and a bit of shopping (hey! one needs that daily ration of ice cream and we were out!) and now... a full 48 hours of nothing planned but writing.

And it's much needed writing time. I have a Reverse!Bang that is due on June 19 that is short only about 8500 words. (only!) I have the story in my head, just need to get it out. Then turns out I forgot I had signed up for casestory for which I have 2/3 kinda written and kinda mapped out but that's due in early July. And a Severus/Harry Potter Big Bang which is due August 1 for which I have 8500 words and an outline (an actual outline! how did that happen!) And I have the atlantisbigbang that's also partially written and also due in mid-August.


But I hear Karamel Sutra calling....

::resists:: When I finish another 1500 words, then I can have ice cream! The New York super fundge Chunk has to wait until the Reverse Bang is at least on paper... that's the incentive!


You? Are being envied, a lot, right now. Just so you know.*g*

And YAY for writing!!! \o/

Wish you were here... but then I'd get no writing done since we'd be talking and talking.... ;-)

{{hugs back}}
Oh man, I can just *feel* your squeeful joy from over here. I envy you, and am smiling for you at the same time. Bliss. Enjoy it. :-)
Just the (kinda) silence. No TV, no radio... just the fridge humming white noise and... silence....

Enjoying! ;-)
{{hugs you back}}
Oh, man. I have about 2300 words to finish my SGA ReverseBang, which is due to be posted on Sunday! Then there's the BB and the McShep Match that I just signed up for, and the other personal writing challenges coming up... Meep! is right!

But we can do it! Then there will be ice cream! :-D

Enjoy your weekend!! *\o/*
The reverse bang isn't due until the 19th, thank goodness. Knew this would be happening so I picked a date further out! And I'm down to about 7000 words needed... hmmm... it feels like I should have a lot more done than that... ;-)

But, yes, ice creammmmmmmm.........

And I understand you have a birthday coming up. Enjoy your days off, m'dear! (((hugs)))
Woot! Here's to free time! *\o/*
Here's to an awesome writing weekend :D

ETA: I hope it was a great weekend and that you had a wonderful birthday :)

Edited at 2012-06-12 04:44 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday, happy weekend, and happy writing! ^_^

Edited at 2012-06-10 08:28 am (UTC)