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Squee Weekend Signal Boost

October 26, 27, 28

Details here: http://melagan.livejournal.com/283479.html

All SGA fans are welcome... readers, writers, artists, lurkers, fans at all levels...

A weekend of talking about SGA. Maybe a tad of writing or creative picture taking...

Now, there is a heavy slash element here... just a warning in case you're a dedicated gen or het person... but then you'd not probably be reading my journal... Oh, and adult. Ummm... very adult... so, leave the kids at home.

We'll come back for a headcount at some point so we know who to expect....


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Where in NC? I lived in Winston Salem for a few years after college. It was a mind-altering experience.
Greenville.... I'd have to look at a map to see where you were and where this is... I'm from Buffalo, NY so all I know I learned from Google maps... ::grin::

It's pretty much between Charlotte and Atlanta... I usually fly into Charlotte and rent a car, easier than managing the flight from Charlotte to Greenville but there's an airport in Greenville...

Pretty easy to get to....

Tell me more about W-S.... ;-)
*gently nudges the direction to South Carolina* It will be a whole lot easier to find us there.

A couple of years ago, not being brave enough to rent a car, I took a car service from Charlotte to Greenville. Last year I flew into GSP.

This year I'm be coming from Texas instead of backwoods Maine so the traveling should be more direct at least.
Yes, SOUTH Carolina! Let's not amplify my earlier mistake and send the poor woman to the wrong state!! *eeps* reminds me I have to go change that post!!!*