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Squee Weekend Signal Boost

October 26, 27, 28

Details here: http://melagan.livejournal.com/283479.html

All SGA fans are welcome... readers, writers, artists, lurkers, fans at all levels...

A weekend of talking about SGA. Maybe a tad of writing or creative picture taking...

Now, there is a heavy slash element here... just a warning in case you're a dedicated gen or het person... but then you'd not probably be reading my journal... Oh, and adult. Ummm... very adult... so, leave the kids at home.

We'll come back for a headcount at some point so we know who to expect....




As I figured, the director of sales I dealt with last year is no longer there. But I've got a message in to the new one. Hopefully, I'll hear something tomorrow regarding the rooms.

Hopefully you can get us a similar good deal... that was more than reasonable....

*comes up for air*

Just realized I wrote 6K of McShep fic today and thought maybe I should stop for the night, even though the story is still buzzing along in my head. Maybe I've had a tad too much caffeine today too. Hmmm.

Was it really all slash or even mostly slash? I didn't really notice but I suspect you're right. I'm up for any and all discussions of all things SGA, however. Heck, throw some SG-1 in there too. You know, I've never seen all the SG-1 McKay eps... :-)
Well, just don't want to surprise anyone with the frank slash talk.... whether it's John/Rodney or Cam/Daniel... ;-)

And we can wander into SG-1 territory all you want... loved the McKay eps... Rodney was such a woobie...

And -- Yay for new McShep fic! More to squee about!
Heh-heh-heh. Or any compromising photos! :-)

I would love to see the Road Not Taken eps from SG-1. Will have to put in a bid for that.

Not sure this fic is squee worthy--just something I had to get down on paper to work out for myself. I'm looking forward to the McShep Match and the BB's this year for providing lots of fodder for discussion come October!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Really looking forward to this :-D
This sounds like sooooo much fun, but the east coast is so damnned far!