goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

100 Things - #2

There is no offense meant here, but YMMV.

I talked about a year ago about someone who seems to think that leaving cards like this in the bathrooms (in the stalls!) will make me convert to -- something -- as I pee. Whatever.

I take one look at think -- PENGUINS! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What I love about Stargate fandom is the ability to see subtext! I take one look at a card like this and I immediately go back to the McKay/Sheppard stories where our heroes are penguins!

But it's not limited to just McKay/Sheppard or slash pairings. Or even to pairings. Stargate fandom can take any situation, any story, any pairing/friendship/team, any prompt and make it work! SGA folk are a pretty creative bunch and it doesn't take a lot to generate a story or a vid.

Here's to subtext! \o/
Tags: hundred things

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