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100 things I like about Stargate Atlantis fandom

This is going to be interesting. There's a "hundred things" tag for anyone to follow, if you're interested.

First things first. The first of 100 things I like about Stargate Atlantis fandom:

The people. I've met some amazing folk through fandom and some of the best of them are in the Stargate Atlantis fandom. Everyone has been welcoming and encouraging and it keeps me writing and participating. I do have to say I've been very lucky and never been 'bitten by a troll' and have stayed outside of fandom wank. I know it's out there but, well, I've not been involved.

I've only met a small handful of SGA folk in person, which is really too bad. You all have amazing stories to your real lives, and I'd love to spend time with you, talk over tea/coffee and to get to know more about you. What makes you do the lovely things you do – even if you're just lurking and reading, that's ok. I still want to meet up and give everyone a hug.

Over time, I'm going to name names and talk about specific folk in fandom. ::rolls eyes:: Come on! 100 things is going to be hard enough if I can't talk about folk! But I wanted to start with a group hug.

{{{huge hug}}}

ETA: Original meme info here: http://goddess47.livejournal.com/54326.html
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