goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,


So, as part of the InkingItOut project where I'm delusional to think I'll be writing 75K words this year (I've never done it but also never overtly tried), I've been writing Snarry fic. I have an Insane Journal account that I use for that... But I just have to share...

So I write a drabble for the prompt dark mark and the mod says, "extra credit for making it fluffy."

I write, Mark? What Mark? which is here: http://goddess47.insanejournal.com/1920.html and I cross-post on AO3.

I get a lovely comment on AO3 from summernap who asks if she can translate it into Chinese. Well, that's a cool thing.

Here's the same piece in Chinese: http://bulaoge.net/topic.blg?dmn=summernap&tid=2360500#Content,
Tags: snarry, translation

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