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Causing Terror (R) - An SG-1 ficlet

Title: Causing Terror
Author: goddess47
Rating: R for swears
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Pairing: None
Words: 661
Summary: Real life events have other explanations.

More or less a followup to Among the Missing but you don't need that for this to make sense.

Real people are implied; nothing but respect is meant.

"Fucking snake," Jack O'Neill ground out. He wanted to smash something. It wouldn't accomplish anything but he would feel better.

A tap at the door and Colonel Paul Davis came into the office. "Mitchell and Jackson have the family," he announced. "They should be here tonight."

"Thank god for that," Jack replied. One thing has finally gone right.

"The wife isn't really happy with us but she's agreed to come to see her husband," Davis said. "Three kids, one still in diapers."

Jack sighed and then gave a small laugh at the thought of Daniel dealing with the kids. He'd be good at it. Mitchell, well, Mitchell was a great big kid at heart and would be okay. "Great. Do what has to be done and keep the press away from them," he told his aide. "How's Ceppaglia doing?" Jack asked.

"Sam and Vala are with him right now," Davis answered. Being former hosts themselves, they could better relate to Staff Sergeant Ceppaglia and help him deal with the concept of alien snakes that could take over your mind.

"I'm going down there," Jack decided. "Let me know when the family gets here." He considered for a moment. "We can't handle little kids here. Get them someplace to stay where we can provide security and assign someone to help watch the kids."

"No problem," Davis agreed, making notes on his pad.

Jack left his office and went down to the infirmary. Carolyn Lamm had Antonio Ceppaglia in an isolation room and an SF was on duty outside the room to keep visitors out. Jack stood in the door and waited to catch Sam Carter's eye. He raised an eyebrow, Can you talk to me?. She wriggled a shoulder and nodded slightly, Couple of minutes.

Jack withdrew and went to the next room, which was deliberately empty to protect Ceppaglia. He perched on the bed to wait.

Sam came in and sat down heavily in the chair.

"How's it going in there?" Jack asked.

"Well, Vala and I are pretty sure it's the same Goa'uld that was in Gaddaffi," Sam reported.

"Damn," Jack replied.

"That's good news and bad news," Sam went on. "At least we know it's only one Goa'uld and there's not another running around."

"But it's still out there," Jack said.

"Yeah, sorry," Sam said, tiredly.

"Not your fault," Jack said. "How's Ceppaglia?"

"Not good," Sam admitted. "He's feeling guilty about something he had no control over. The Goa'uld killed those people, not him, but it made him watch. Taunted him about it, in fact."

"Ouch," Jack winced.

"He's going to need a lot of help for a long time," Sam said. "He already had some TBI from his tour in Iraq and I don't care what the shrinks said, he shouldn't have been allowed to back into the field. This has just made everything infinitely worse."

This day was not getting any better. "Do whatever he needs," Jack directed. "We owe him."

"Carolyn has him on suicide watch," Sam told him.

Jack nodded, he wasn't surprised. "The family is on the way," Jack informed her. "We'll take care of them, too."

"Okay, that should help," she said. "I hope. Dunno."

"Anything else?" Jack asked.

"I don't think so," Sam replied.

"You know where I live," Jack shot back.

"I do that," Sam gave a small laugh.

Jack walked slowly back to his office.

He picked up the red phone, "I need to speak to the President." He waited while the call was transferred. "We have it mostly under control. It's not pretty but it's manageable."

"What needs to be done?"

"Get the IOC to earn its keep," Jack suggested. "This is already an international incident. They need to talk their governments down."

"Any idea where it went?

"Not a clue," Jack had to be honest. "After this, don't want to see what it does next."

"Neither do I. Keep me informed.

"Will do," Jack said. "Thank you, sir."
Tags: fic, sg1

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