goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Question meme, part deux

Questions from the ever lovely melagan... if you leave a comment on this post, I'll ask you 7 questions that you then answer on your journal!

1. In which SGA season did thigh holsters come to your attention? Please support your evidence with visual aids. pretty, pretty please

The honest truth is that I was oblivious to thigh holsters until after the series... pooh on me! However, I do have something pretty to share with you!

2. What surprised you the most about fandom?

How generous it is! People share, help with stories, and even share in real life! I could come to all my fandom friends if I ever needed help and you'd (the fandom 'you') would jump in and help... I have more online best friends than 'real' best friends...

3. When did you know you loved Rodney McKay?

The first SGA episode, 'Rising'... between the orange fleece, the 'in charge' Rodney and the wide-eyes when he and John first explored Atlantis... He was cute on SG-1 but came into his own in Atlantis.

4. A song that makes you think of John/Rodney (because I kinda love that question)

"I Got You, Babe" it's corny as all get out and somehow fits them...

5. If we had a season six and couldn't keep Woolsey, who would you have liked to see as expedition leader?

Hmmm... I adore stories where Jack O'Neill comes out to Atlantis, so maybe Jack. Or Daniel Jackson... that would annoy Rodney to no end.

The outside SGC candidate would be Carolyn Lamm... That would be interesting... Her take-no-prisoners attitude would be interesting and her medical background could be applied to the work they've been doing on the Wraith.

Maybe, (eventually ex-)President Hayes...

6. How many wip's do you have right now?

Meep! Too many... ::scurries off to count:: Actually, about 8... but they're doozies.... at least 4 of them are (or will be) Big Bang type lengths... And that doesn't count the bunnies lazing about and getting fat in the carrot patch... there are a couple of those...

7. Fannish hive mind. Has it happened to you?

Occasionally. I've seen a prompt for something and then, blam! there's the story I had been noodling about...

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