goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Meme time!

Got this from sgamadison....

Leave any comment here and I will respond with 7 random question about you, life or fandom. You answer the questions on your journal (make a link back so I can see your answers) and you then ask questions of your flist.

These are my questions...

1.What drew you to the SGA fandom?

I've been in some type of fandom for almost all my life, before I even understood what that really meant.

I was a SG-1 fan from almost the beginning. We had Showtime on the cable at that time and the hubby and I had seen the movie and then... there was a TV show! I was hooked. I followed it to SciFi and when Atlantis started, it was a natural to follow. "SciFi Friday" was must-see TV in my world. Only after Atlantis started did I discover slash and John/Rodney became my go-to for writing. I found LJ, found the major McKay/Sheppard groups and found all you!

2.Which character (in any fandom) do you identify with the most, and why?

Jack Carter in Eureka. I sometimes feel like I'm surrounded by all these bright, beautiful people and I can't keep up with them. Then they need to know how to do something ordinary and I can help. That's my part in life, to keep it all together.

3.Name three television shows that you watch on a regular basis and why.

NCIS - Gibbs. Dinardo. The snark. Timmy.... I love them all.
Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Cooper is a hoot although I do wish Penny could get a 'real' job. It's another incarnation of 14 year old boys. Also, smart is sexy. It's interesting that I have very little tolerance for most other sit-coms.
Jeopardy - I love the trivia and how many questions can I answer.

4.What's the one food you couldn't live without?

Oh. There are too many. I'll go with chocolate.

5.If you had gone on the expedition to Atlantis, what would have been your personal item?

Hmm... there's so much yet so little. My box of recipes that I've collected over the years. Some of them are from my mom from when I got married. Probably couldn't get the same ingredients but it's the memories.

6.What's a typical day like for you?

The work week is faintly boring but it's not a boring job. Up, drive to work, spend the day with students and faculty (which is like herding cats ;-), home, dinner, back on the computer. The best days are when just one person says, "Oh, now I get it."

7.What's the one question you hoped I'd ask but didn't?

Well, I'm glad you didn't ask about the last book I read since I haven't read a 'real' book in so long... I suspect it's the last Harry Potter book. Meep!

Hmmm.... How about "What's your favorite type of vacation?"

Besides another Squee weekend, I adore cruises. After a certain point, there's only so much to do so you have to relax. Sitting and watching the water go by, having someone bring drinks to you and just the time out of the ordinary.

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