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Snowflake - Fan Appreciation

Well, I won't be able to do this every day, so doing it while I can!


Three things for the sga_saturday Fandom Appreciation Challenge.

1. I actually wrote a 2011 year in review. For me, that's a first! And I need to go back and do some of my previous years.

2. Through Squee Weekend I got to actually *meet* hoktauri! Yes, you can be jealous, for she's as awesome in person as she is online!

3. Self pimp and an art rec: With the infinite patience of nickygabriel I actually finished the journeystory which is on AO3 A Piano in the House for which danceswithgary did some amazing artwork… if you've read the story, go and tell Val how wonderful her artwork is.


#2 - \o/

Wow, I merited a whole rec! I'm so flattered! *flails*
::very big grin::
Infinite patience is a must when you are a teacher and I am a teacher :)
However you did all the job there!
oh, this is awesome! I'm so glad you guys got to meet in person!! \o/ thank you for the recs!