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2011 Fic List!

For I think the first time ever, a year-in-review! 2011 was reasonably productive with 20 fics, two pictures (I never do art, blame Squee weekend since they both came from there) and a total of 67,145 words. Huh. More than I expected. Although to be honest the numbers are taken from the posted values and, well, they've been rounded somewhere along the line. But, well, 67K is good!

There's a vague goal to upload what's not there to Archive of Our Own and Wraithbait... I'm Goddess47 on both those sites...

I've signed up for inkingitout, which is only on DW, for 2012 – hoping for 75,000 words for the year! Hopefully, there will be a series of fic for ancientctybingo out of that!

Thanks to the betas, the readers and the commenters… and the mods since most of these seem to be for challenges of one sort or another.


AAR - for sga_smooch (350 words)
It was as he was writing the damned After Action Report that John realized…

A Birthday Present – for mcsheplets - Brave (400 words)
"You got me a toaster for my birthday?"

A Piano in the House – for journeystory big bang (12,186 words)
Crippled by arthritis, Rodney had resigned himself to living what was left of his life alone and without the music he loved. Until a man named John came looking for piano lessons.
Art by danceswithgary here: http://danceswithgary.livejournal.com/491770.html
On AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/chapters/482578

Almost a Fantasy - for mcsheplets Puddlejumper (800 words)
"What? You broke it already?" Rodney demanded.

Among the Missing - reaction to RL events (450 words)
SG1 fic! SG-1 is a day late and a reptile short

Bedtime - for mcsmooch and mcsheplets Sleep (410 words)
"Don wanna go," four year old Julianna protested sleepily from where she was lying on the couch.

City in Flight - for sgareversebang (10,800 words)
Art by fanarts_series here: http://sgareversebang.livejournal.com/12156.html
They weren't a new threat to Atlantis but they now came at them with a vengeance. John knew they needed help. What they got was more than they had hoped for.

Clumsy - for mcsheplets - Kid (700 words)
Part of the ongoing Julianna!verse. Julianna and her Daddy need to learn to pick up their toys.

Comment Porn - prompted by melagan (489 words)
For BJ Friday, sans BJ

Day is Done - for sga_saturday Launch (971 words)
He got one email from Radek that he did open. [NOTE: Prequel to Song of Solomon: http://goddess47.livejournal.com/21359.html -- read the warnings!]

Honor Guard - for sga_saturday - Stand (750 words)
"Sheppard reporting for duty," John saluted Sargent Stefanski. There was no rank here, only fellow soldiers.

Like a Sparrow in the Talons of an Eagle - for Hewligan big bang (24,764 words)
Art by velocitygrass here:
http://www.eternalvox.net/forcryinoutloud/HewliganBigBang/Velocitygrass2.php [3 (!) pieces]
Art by deedo_2313 here: http://www.eternalvox.net/forcryinoutloud/HewliganBigBang/Deedo_2313.php
Another mission-gone-bad is the last straw for a tired and stressed John Sheppard. He takes it out on the wrong person; Rodney steps in to make it better.

Look at the Sky through Flesh – for spookme (100 words)

Making Sandwiches - for squidgiepdx Fall meme – picture

Medical Intervention - for sheppard_hc - (2000 words)
Another mission-gone-bad has John and Rodney in Quarantine in the infirmary. Who knew medical staff could be so meddlesome?

Plans Change - for apocalypse_kree - (950 words)
John rides another explosive spaceship, planning to destroy the Wraith.

Possibilities - for mcsheplets Season 2 (275 words)
John has an idea after they returned from the Aurora

The Complement of Hell - for sga_santa written for ladyamarra (8650 words)
Life goes on after your military boyfriend breaks up with you. Sort of.

The John Sheppard Rule Book - for sga_saturday Rule [group think from Squee weekend!] picture

Uninvited Guests - follow up to Wedding Duty (1300 words)
Jack looked the prisoner up and down slowly. "Well, this explains a lot of things."

Wedding Duty - for mcsheplets Separated from Earth (700 words)
John is his usual, articulate self. Good thing Rodney's a genius.

With Shaking Hand - for sga_saturday - Shake (100 words)
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