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bingo, atlantis

Ancient City Bingo!!!!!

Love Stargate? Miss the lovely city of Atlantis? Come and join us in an adventure....

We're looking for writers, artists, vidders... creative types of any sort -- who are interested in joining us in creating for and about our beloved city.

This is also a multi-fandom opportunity... cross-overs welcome, just have to be set in Atlantis somehow.

The rules are really laid back and you have an entire year to create. But don't wait too long, you only have until November 15 to request a card.

There is a parallel comm on Live Journal for anyone that prefers to play there.

Interested in playing? Sign ups and rules are here.

Want to help pimp? Use our pretty banners! From here.

ETA: The links here go to Dreamwidth. There's a parallel ancientctybingo on Live Journal, also. Reply/Play where you want.

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::very big grin::
Just in time for mini Nano! *g*
That was part of the idea... give folk some options...

It'll be so much fun!
Yay! I'm so glad to see this up! *grabs pimping banner and runs to com*
::very big grin::
I'm so glad you went forward with this--though, you know, if it is over at DW, I'm going to have to be forced to buy more userpics. :-)
It's actually on both sides... there's a parallel <lj user="ancientctybingo" on LJ, too... ::blush:: I forgot I had the 'cross posting' tick-y thing ticked so it posted from both sides.... I should edit that so folk know...
Oh, yay! I have a DW account, but I'm never there. This will make it that much easier for me--thanks!