goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

AAR, (G)

Title: AAR
Author: goddess47
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Length: 350 words
Summary: For sga_smooch

OKay, have to be honest. This was in my WIP folder and I have no idea if I've posted this somewhere. But, well, if I did it was ages ago. So. Enjoy.

It was as he was writing the damned After Action Report that John realized that Rodney had called him "John" that awful day. As he reconstructed events in his head to make the report coherent, John stopped suddenly.

Fuck! Was it his imagination playing games with his memory or did Rodney really, finally, call him John instead of "Colonel" or "Sheppard"? John tried to replay the entire conversation but it was lost in a haze of worry, too little sleep, too much coffee and fear.

Leaving the report half done on his computer, John went in search of Rodney. He finally found the scientist working in alone in a quiet lab at the end of the science corridor. Standing in the doorway, John was suddenly unsure why he was there. Why was this so important? Well, he knew it was important, but why now? And what if he was wrong?

"Don't stand there and hover," Rodney barked. "In or out."

This was something he could work with. John walked in and leaned on the bench to see what Rodney was working on.

"You have nothing better to do than check up on me?" Rodney demanded, annoyed.

"Writing my report," John confessed. Without thinking, his mouth blurted, "You called me John."

"That's your name, last I knew," Rodney said. But there was something in his posture that made John continue.

"You've never.... before....." John moved closer. "Not once."

Rodney stilled. "You noticed."

I always notice you. John shrugged.

He saw Rodney look down at his hands, which had stilled on the keyboard. "It was okay, wasn't it? I know you military people are fussy about things like that."

"Rodney." John moved closer.

Rodney looked up and clear blue eyes looked at him. "Yes." It was said softly but there was no question in that word.

John took a last step and he could feel the heat pouring out of Rodney's body. He leaned in, "Tell me this is a bad idea."

Against his lips, a breath of sound. "John."
Tags: fic, mcshep

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