goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

New Fic and Squee!

I finally finished my sheppard_hc summer fic exchange story. Phew. Literally just under the deadline. It's not the story I spent weeks working on. In spite of the fact that is was supposed to be Sheppard hurt/comfort, John wouldn't cooperate with my muse. So I had to take it from another angle. But that one is now tucked in the WIP folder and I may go back to it.

My finished story is Medical Intervention and can be found on the sheppard_hc journal.


neevebrody posted updated information about the upcoming Squee weekend on her journal. If you want to come and play with a group of fangirls in lovely South Carolina... here's your chance! We had an amazing time last summer and I am so looking forward to this!
Tags: fic

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