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Almost a Fantasy (PG)

Title: Almost a Fantasy
Author: goddess47
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Just something sappy
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Length: 800
Summary: For the mcsheplets Challenge #101: Puddlejumper

"What? You broke it already?" Rodney demanded.

John sat in the pilot seat of the Jumper and looked out the front window.

He and Rodney had been surveying some of the continent on the New(est) Lantea and he had set the Jumper down on the edge of a wooded area that looked out over the ocean. The protected bay looked like a good spot for a settlement if they needed another one. It was along the same coast as the settlement the Athosians had started but it was always good to have a back-up plan in case something went wrong. Or just another location in case they needed more space for new people. Rodney had protested that he wasn't a surveyor and what did he know but John coaxed him into spending the day looking over the site.

It dusk and there were two full moons hanging overhead. If he turned off the lights in the Jumper, he thought the moonlight would flow in.

He resisted the impulse that suddenly crossed his thoughts, thinking of what he needed to do yet tonight and they were scheduled to go with Teyla and Ronon on a mission in the morning.

Fuck it.

While Rodney was still cleaning up their work area just outside the Jumper, he made a quick call to Atlantis. He finished just before Rodney came tromping in the back.

"All set, we can close her up and go back," Rodney announced setting the tools down and putting equipment into the bins along the wall.

"Sorry, no can do," John drawled.

"What? You broke it already?" Rodney demanded.

"Well," John hesitated. "We're out of gas."


John slouched a little more in the pilot seat. "We're out of gas. Not going anywhere," he restated.

Rodney scrambled into the co-pilot seat and moved his hands quickly over the board.

Nothing happened.

John was thinking offoffoffoff as hard as he could – he suspected there was a please in there somewhere.

Rodney scrambled up again, moving to the rear of the Jumper. "It doesn't run on gas, so that makes no sense," he said. He started dropping panels in the rear and taking out a tester. He clipped several lines to crystals.

"Everything here looks fine," he said. "It should work." He came forward. "We can call Atlantis and get someone to come and get us."

John kept his offoffoffoff mantra going as Rodney tried the communicator. He looked at John, who was trying to keep a bland face, "Atlantis? Come in!" he demanded over the dead radio.

"Looks like we're stuck here," John said.

"Someone should come looking for us in a couple hours if we don't check in," Rodney pointed out, a small line of worry appearing between his eyes.

John shrugged. "We've been in worse. We're on the ground, we have food and water and… it's a nice night out there."

John thought dim to the lights of the Jumper and he was right. The moonlight bathed the Jumper in enough light to see what was going on.

"John? What's going on?" Rodney asked, suspicious.

John wriggled a bit. "It's nice… moonlight, clear night… if we had some beer or something, it'd be perfect."

Rodney frowned. "Perfect? Perfect for what?"

John got out of the pilot seat and moved closer to Rodney as he thought off at the lights.

"Perfect for running out of gas," he said softly. He closed the distance between them and then leaned in for a small kiss.

"Oh! Running out of gas," Rodney leered but ruined the effect by rolling his eyes as he brought John closer. "That is so lame."

John wrapped his arms about Rodney. "We have camping equipment, and no one expects us back until morning." He made the kiss more lush, bringing their bodies in full contact.

Rodney moaned slightly and wrapped his arms around John and returned the kiss.

"Wait. We really aren't stranded out here, are we?" he demanded.

"No, Rodney," John laughed. "We're not stranded."

"Oh, just checking," he replied, returning to the kiss. "Wait," he broke the kiss again. "We don't have to actually camp outside or anything, do we?"

John rested his head on Rodney's shoulder and sighed. "No," he said. "We can stay in the Jumper. We can spread the mattress out on the floor in the rear and spend the night there."

"The night?" Rodney asked. "The entire night? Really?"

The hope in that made John glad he had done it – they didn't get to spend the entire night together very often. Waking up together was a luxury they seldom had. He raised his head and looked at the gleam in Rodney's eye. "Yes, Rodney, the entire night."

Rodney grabbed John's hand and dragged him toward the back of the Jumper, "Well, then what are we standing here for? Come on, let's get going."

John hauled Rodney close for a quick kiss. "Let me close the back up so we don't attract anything in and set the security. You can start getting the mattress and sleeping bags out."

"Deal," Rodney kissed him back and eagerly moved to the task.

NOTE: In the title of the famous "Moonlight Sonata" Beethoven included the phrase "Quasi una fantasia" (Italian: Almost a fantasy) because the work did not follow 'traditional' sonata format.
Tags: mcshep, mcsheplet

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