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Wedding Duty - Uninvited Guests (PG)

Title: Wedding Duty – Uninvited Guests
Author: goddess47
Rating: PG for swear words
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Length: 1300 words
Summary: Jack looked the prisoner up and down slowly. "Well, this explains a lot of things."

A follow up to Wedding Duty, go read it, it's shorter than this one. Okay, this isn't 'the' wedding but, well, you can see my take on RL events.

As the ceremony in the Abbey was coming to its conclusion, Rodney started scanning the crowd along the route the Royals would take in the open carriage.

"Sheppard! We need a team on the ground, now!" he barked.

"What did you find?" Sheppard asked calmly.

Rodney's hands moved over the keyboards, bringing up a better image on the screen. He heard Sheppard take in a sudden breath.

"Colonel, I need Team 3 on the ground at location... 47... in 5 minutes. I need them to tag a target for extraction," John said into the radio.

"Roger that," Caldwell's voice came back. Then on the command channel, "Team 3, ready to deploy, five minutes. Colonel Sheppard has your target."

"Can you send that to my handheld?" Sheppard asked.

Rodney triggered the command on his console, "You have it, go!"

John left the room at a run. Rodney focused on the target… he didn't want to lose this one. He let the command channel babble go on in his ear, knowing they would be listening if there were any changes in the location of the target.

Rodney triggered an alert to the security on the ground and let O'Neill know they were extracting a target from the crowd. It would be more than embarrassing if Team 3 was shot at by their own troops.

"McKay, update?" Sheppard asked.

"Still in the same location," Rodney reported. "In the crowd."

"We'll clean anything up later," Caldwell growled.

Rodney saw Team 3 appear on his sensors, they had their own transmitters that he could follow on his screens. He watched as members of Team 3, dressed in civilian clothes to blend in, edged toward the target. He watched as one of the female members of the team eased her way toward the target from the back, the other members on both sides. The only way out now was into the open parade route. Rodney held his breath.

"Done. Go!" The female voice came along the link. Rodney saw the target start to turn in place and he hit the transporter command.

"Got him!" Sheppard reported a moment later on his headset. "Secure."

Rodney let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and sat back briefly in his chair.

"Team 3, retreat to the pick up point," Caldwell commanded. "Good job!"

"Caldwell," Rodney put in. "Tell O'Neill to have them slow the procession down until I can scan the entire route. We can't assume he was working alone."

"Got it," Caldwell replied. He heard Caldwell tell Team 3 to stay where they were on the ground to be ready for movement to another location if needed.

Rodney scoured the procession route for any more suspicious activity and, now that he knew what he was looking for, he tuned his sensors to scan at an even finer level. Knowing that level of scanning would take longer, he set another console running so he could scan each side of the street separately.

"Dr. McKay," some anonymous voice protested in his ear. "You're impacting engineering with whatever you are doing!"

Caldwell jumped in, "Give Dr. McKay whatever support he needs!"

"Yes, sir," came back the anonymous voice but Rodney could hear the reluctance. He hated when people whined. He could fix that.

"Whoever you are, come here, now! I need another set of eyes," Rodney demanded. Computer alerts could only do so much and if this person was alert enough to know that Rodney was pulling more processing power from the Daedalus, hopefully he'd be alert enough to help him scan the crowds.

A Captain he had never paid attention to came into the room. "Dr. McKay? You wanted some help?"

"Come here, let me show you what we're looking for," Rodney pulled up the signal that had originally gotten his attention.

"Dr. McKay!" the man exclaimed.

"Now you understand. We need to concentrate," McKay shot back. "Over there," he pointed to the second console he had running. "Concentrate on the west side of the route. I'm doing the east."

The man scrambled to the other chair and Rodney kept half an eye on what the other man was doing until he was sure nothing would be missed. Rodney returned his focus to his side of the street.

"They're coming out of the Abbey," Caldwell reported.

"Clear in the immediate area but we're only just ahead of them," Rodney shot back. "Slow them down some more."

"Doing what we can," Caldwell replied.

Rodney didn't answer, focusing on his scan. "Anything?" he asked the Captain.

"Nothing," he replied shortly.

"They're loaded up," Caldwell reported. "Is it safe to move at all?"

Fuck! He wasn't far enough ahead of them. Rodney hesitated then decided, "Keep the damn horses to a walk!" He knew the entire procession was on a tight time schedule and throwing that off too much would raise red flags in too many places.

"Got it," Caldwell said.

It was a tense bit while Rodney and the other man scanned the crowds in the area. When Rodney reached Buckingham Palace, he said, "Done on this side, I'll work from the Palace back toward where you're working."

"Okay," was all the response the other man gave.

Another few minutes and Rodney reported to Caldwell, "As clear as it's going to get. Go for it!"

"Good," Caldwell replied.

As the other man was going to sit back, Rodney said, "Keep checking until they're in the Palace. Just because we didn't find anything doesn’t mean someone won't come out of a building or from someplace we couldn't scan."

"Sorry," the man gulped and leaned back into the console.

Caldwell reported, "They're in the Palace."

"Okay, that's all we can do from here," Rodney decided. He worked on the computer for the moment and then called, "Caldwell, I'm sending an update to O'Neill's Life Sign Detectors and someone needs to double check inside the Palace."

"On it," Caldwell reported.

"Okay, now you can relax," Rodney told the other man. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, and glad to meet you," the man replied.

"McKay," Sheppard drawled in his ear. "Come and meet our guest. Guests."

"On my way," Rodney replied. He turned to the other man. "No one else touches anything. In fact, you don't touch anything. Call me if anything happens."

"Yes, sir," the man said.

Rodney made his way to the detention center they had set up as a just-in-case option. He had hoped they wouldn't need to use it but now he was glad they had made it as secure as they did.

Jack O'Neill came down from the transporter room, "Good catch, McKay."

Rodney shrugged, "Got lucky."

"Well, worked out well for us," O'Neill said. "We'll debrief after I take a peek at our guest."

They went together to the holding cell. It was a small space, no more than four by four, completely enclosed with a force-field. The prisoner stood silently with his arms crossed across his chest.

Jack looked the prisoner up and down slowly. "Well, this explains a lot of things."

"You will regret this," a guttural voice said.

"Oh, I don't think so," O'Neill answered cheerily. "We have you right where we want you."

"My troops have orders on what to do if I disappear," the prisoner stated calmly.

"We can deal with them," O'Neill shot back. "And who's to say you really disappear? Your troops don't know you as well as we do." He leaned in slightly with a small grin, "When we're done with you, both of you, neither you nor your troops will know what happened."

Osama Bin Laden, hair and beard neatly trimmed and in Western style clothes, looked back at them steadily. His eyes glowed brightly for a moment as the Goa'uld within stirred, as much reaction as he would ever show.

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