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You have to read this....

This is the sort of thing that gives some of us indie and fan fiction writers a bad name. On the other hand, it's like watching a train wreck, it's hard to stop looking.

The Cliff's Notes version: An indie writer takes offense at a bad review. Chaos ensues.


And there's a mocking video...




A sad, sad woman. I am not feeling any sympathy for her. He admits there is an interesting story under all the errors, but instead of learning from this and either finding a beta/editor or replacing her current (though I doubt she had one) she attacks a reviewer.

If that's the way she's going to behave, she shouldn't be publishing at all.

You have to wonder if she's even ever had an editor.... I thought the original review was actually pretty kind. She should have taken that and run...
I found this to be an interesting reaction to the original link:



That is very, sadly, true. She does have all of us talking about her.... on the other hand, if that's what it takes, I'll gladly toil in obscurity....
Especially since it will only work *once*. She'll have to change her name to publish (and sell) something again. :-)
I actually did enjoy that!


Seriously - what in the world was she thinking?
Well, the link sgamadison shared does point out that we are all talking about her.... so even if her book is awful, she's getting her 15 minutes of fame...

But if it's not a con, then she's pretty dumb....