goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Baaa... sheep.... ;-)

Following neevebrody and mezzo_cammin to post nice things through February... I don't know about daily so I'm going to go with "more often than I usually do"....

I am home from work for a 'snow day' although there may be some gnashing of teeth among TPTB because they made the decision to close yesterday afternoon and it's not quite that bad. Not good, but probably not bad enough to make the same decision if they had waiting until this morning. So, good news, I got to sleep in. And make breakfast and do the crossword over a second cup of coffee.

On the other hand, my lovely hubby was so generous and shared his head cold with me. So I'm taking drugs in hope of finding any of the brain cells I haven't sneezed away.... I have to work on my Hewligan story draft that's due next week and it's seriously now where near done....

::scurries off for more coffee::

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