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Happy THanksgiving!

Things I have to be thankful for:

--good health, good job
--great co-workers
--family is mostly well
--a very helpful hubby (if I start detailing that, dinner won't get on the table at all! ;-)
--the house is clean, even if it took a month to get there
--small family gatherings; rather do it twice with smaller groups than one huge group
--the people who have stepped up to help my dad
--dinner that is mostly cooked and will be easy to put on the table
--and all of you....



Happy Thanksgiving to you, hon! ::smishes::

I am thankful that you have all those things to be thankful for... especially the helpful hubby and the folks stepping up to help you with your dad. I really hope that situation is getting better.

Enjoy your day!
Sneaking in my NaNo writing before folk start to arrive.... not sure I'll be awake enough later to do much...

Many thanks for your note!

::smishes you::
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!! *hugs* And yay for clean houses - I know I'm envious! We've made a dent into ours, I keep thinking, and then I find more cobwebs... *sigh*
Actually, it's embarrassing how dirty is was once I started.... so once dinner is over and I take dad back home I have tomorrow to just enjoy the clean house and the leftovers.... oh, and write, write, write.... ;-)

Think of them as plot bunnies instead of dust bunnies....

::nods wisely::
That is a wonderful list of things to be thankful for! I'm glad you're getting some help with your dad! And yay for helpful husbands!

Yay for you, too!! Hope your Thanksgiving is warm and wonderful, just like you! :o)
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!