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Always room for Jello...

Or is it always Jello for rooms....

I was perusing the NaNoWriMo site for information about write in sessions (can always use some moral support even if I'm only doing the mini_wrimo and not a full session) and came across this on-going discussion... I had to share it with someone...




LOL! That "superhero" reminds me of Dr Horrible's "evil moisture buddy." What a gift! ;)
Not so sure it's a 'gift' although I'd like to see the rest of the story that goes with it!
Got to love those plot discussions on the NaNo board. It also lets you know that no matter how crazy your idea, someone out there is just as crazy (if not crazier).
I had never seen anything quite so... bizarre before! It is a hoot!
I was fine until..."Are there bananas in the jello? Because if so..."


I notice the original poster never came back...so everyone piled on the question, and seriously? That's a superpower?!?!?!

Thanks for the laugh!!
It is so funny! Hmmm... I wonder if someone puts out an oddity like this and then runs for cover...

interviewer standing next to jello covered survivor: Tell me miss, how did you manage to escape the building after it collapsed?

survivor, looking shell-shocked: I had to eat my way out. *shudders* I don't even like lemon jello!
OMG. Imagine Rodney caught in a lemon jello building....

Poor woobie....