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Beta, anyone?

I have a kinda-short and odd (odd for me, it's pretty much standard trope in the end) fic that needs a second set of eyes.

From the SG1-HP Yahoo group (sic):

Anyone interested in writing or trying to read my intro to a story
where these two pverprotective, but vastly, misunderstood alphas come together
to counter a serious trap for their troble magnet charges, otherwise known as
Harry Potter and Daniel Jackson?

Well, I did my own thing with this and 1700 words later I have a small fic. It's mostly pre-Snarry and implied Jack/Daniel so it's different from most of my McShep things. But you don't need to know anything about Harry Potter to help....

::bats eyes winningly::

Let me know?


I'd be glad to look at it if you'd like. Harry Potter I know and I'll trust that you have the Jack/Daniel dynamic down. I can even promise a quick turn-around.
Thanks... it needs some feedback, too. It's not really done but wanted someone to take a look... I'll send you it in an email.