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Made me think of you.....

This actually came up at semi random on the Wordpress blogs I also have... that's another story...

But melagan -- this made me think of you and it was too good not to share with everyone!


(What a perfect username, too! LOL)



So, the ah, early bird gets the .... worm?

(And yet not once did anyone that looked like that sit down with me while I was having my morning coffee )

Yes - An excellent user name ;)

Damn, my breakfasts are never that interesting.
Well, that is so cool! Pammyshep! Hee!

And, of course, I googled him. What? you didn't?

From his website, where it turns out all his porn is of the m/f variety...

I have a very strong Gay Fan Base, and I even attend the Gay Erotic Expo every year with my own booth. Since I lived in San Francisco for so long, I feel that Gay Men liking you isnt any big deal, fans are fans, so I accept them and go out of my way to meet them at events like Night of the Stars at Micky's Bar in West Hollywood, California. Oh, yeah in the Store section of my website I have DVD's for sale, personal items like used underwear, socks, and just arriving, a mold of my very own cock, it's my 8.5 inch long, 6.5 inch in girth dildo... yes, you can have an exact copy of my Big, Fat Veiny Belgian Cock with huge balls the size of AAA Large Eggs