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General Inspection (R)

I wrote a SGA_ReverseBang where the lovely syble4 created a picture and I had to then write a story for it. It's posted on Dreamwidth but here's a link to the fic.

Artist: syble4
Title: Top Secret
Medium: Photo manip
Pairing(s): none

Author: goddess47
Title: General Inspection
Wordcount: ~9,300
Rating: R, for swears
Pairing(s): none

Summary: General Stanley A. McChrystal got himself relieved of duty in Afghanistan on purpose. He has other problems to solve and the answer to at least one of them seems to be in Pegasus.

Notes: Many thanks to em_kellesvig for straightening out my story; it's a hugely better for your input. Thanks to mezzo_cammin for the beta and to melagan for the general feedback.

General Stanley A McChrystal is a real person and this is a work of total fiction. No harm is meant in this work and any interpretations of the General's character or any of his actions are totally my own.

General Inspection


Loved this story. I liked the way you portrayed General McChrystal as well as all of the others. Very interesting outside POV. It was nice to see Caldwell, Woolsey, etc. view of Sheppard and also that the team didn't behave any different than they would have normally. Glad to see Sheppard made full bird and that O'Neill thought he deserved it even though he left it up to McChrystal's discretion.