goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Prologue, (G)

Title: Prologue
Author: goddess47
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Pairing: Eventual McKay/Sheppard (is there anything else?)
Length: 500 words
Summary: Two generals talking over steaks and beer....

Current events inspired the muse, not quite sure where it's going and anyone else is welcome to play.....

Involves a real person, this is a work of complete fiction, these events are not real and did not happen, nor do I mean to suggest that the actions implied here are real in any way. Just my imagination, really.

"Took you long enough," Jack O'Neill didn't really keep the impatience out of his voice after the waitress left them alone and the neighboring table was finally empty.

"Well, it wasn't easy, you know," the other man replied.

"In the end, it was easy," Jack grinned. "You didn't give Obama any choice."

"He didn't want to make a decision and I had to force his hand," General Stanley McChrystal, retired, replied.

O'Neill sat back in his chair, beer in hand. They were in a small bar just outside Washington, DC, knowing that Jack's office wasn't secure enough for this particular discussion. Jack always assumed someone was listening both in the office and in his house.

"You were too high profile to just disappear," Jack recounted an old discussion. "Obama couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted you in Afghanistan or in Pegasus."

"I picked for him," McChrystal shrugged. "Lets him off the hook."

"Anything you need to do here before you go? You have a week before the Daedalus will be ready to leave," Jack asked.

A grimace of something Jack couldn't identify flickered over McChrystal's face. "No. My wife will gratefully divorce me now that I'm out of the service and no longer of social value to her. I've talked to my son. Well, there was shouting involved," McChrystal recounted ruefully. "And I haven't seen enough of the rest of my family over the past few years to make a difference."

"What's your story?" Jack was curious.

"I bought a piece of property in Alaska, about the only place I haven't lived and as different from the Middle East as I could get," McChrystal said. "It's off the grid and I'll call them. The SGC will collect messages and forward anything sent to me in the regular databurst. They'll send messages back however they do that."

"That works," Jack replied.

"So, what have you told Sheppard and what does he think?" McChrystal asked.

"Sheppard's not been told anything," Jack did not hide the disgust in his voice. "Landry wouldn't let me warn Sheppard. He's going to be pissed."

"Hank's always been a pain in the ass," McChrystal agreed. "Any suggestions?"

"Don't offend McKay," Jack stated firmly. "He and Sheppard are tight and the last thing you will want to do is annoy the man who probably can save our asses from the Wraith."

McChrystal looked intrigued. "How tight?" he asked.

"Oh, they're legit," Jack assured him. "Sheppard keeps himself under the radar and McKay is as straight as they come. But.... never offend the geeks."

McChrystal laughed at that. "Learned that a long time ago," he agreed.

Jack stood, leaving more than enough money for the bill, "My treat. Eat good while you can, food in Pegasus can be interesting."

"Thanks," McChrystal replied. He reached out and they shook hands. "Keep in touch."

"You can be sure of that," Jack replied.

TBC..... maybe.....
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