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This is entirely mezzo_cammin's fault. Entirely. I still have 20K words to write on my Atlantis Big Bang and characters keep coming in stage left (and that's so very appropriate once you read it) that it's out of control...

I has signed up for schmoop_bingo! How hard can it be? Right. Shoot me now. LOL

Card behind the cut...

de-age (physical)
love letter
stuffed animal
gift giving
amusement park
Eskimo kisses
birthday – celebrant is sick
cooking together
birthday – surprise party
bedtime rituals
cuddling during power outage
drunken confession of love
coffee shop
magnet poetry
friend in need
massage – foot rub
candlelight dinner
baby – shower
pregnancy (male or female)
looking at the stars


\o/ I'll gladly take the credit for this, and can't wait to see the results!

Bedtime Rituals!! Cuddling during power outage!!

These are going to be so much fun!

Okay...for some reason I hear Jerry Seinfeld in my head, saying, "Schmoopie! No, you're schmoopie!" :::worries about self:::
::worries about you, also:: ;-)

Yes, it will be fun..... but my Big Bang fic needs to be lots further along before I start a new project.....