goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

A Special Place in Hell.....

... just for me.... ;-)

Back from my lovely, lovely vacation. We got to visit with fenchurch1 and her hubby and the cutest baby.... it was so hard to leave.

This is our first trip to Europe for the husband and me. So we do the full tourist bit. One of the choices we made was to go to Fatima outside of Lisbon, Portugal.

Along the way, the dutiful tour guide tells the story of Fatima. If you're not Catholic or not familiar, the premise is that the Virgin Mary comes down from heaven multiple times to give predictions of the future to three children. For the serious Catholics, this is a major miracle and a very holy place. And Fatima was very solemn and the visitors were reverent.

Now, this next bit is why I'm going to Hell. The tour guide starts telling the story about the vision that the children see. She describes it as a "bright, glowing image, changing shape, with a beautiful voice." Wham! I think "Ascended Ancient!"

Full disclosure. Raised Catholic here but not terribly observant or faithful at the moment. So I know the original Fatima story but the description was too much for my SGA-soaked brain to pass up.

Back in my het-writing SG1 days, I wrote the "Jesus was a Goa'uld" story, too. I re-wrote "Seth" to be a slightly bigger cult than the SG1 writers went for... ::snicker::

So. Going to Hell. In a handbasket.

Good to be home...

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