goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Fleeing the Country!

I'm going on an extended and well deserved vacation starting tomorrow (Apr 25). The hubby and I are going on a cruise from Miami to London with stops in Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium. Three weeks!!!!

We will be ending up with fenchurch1 and her family at the end and then flying back from London Heathrow to home.

I'll be posting information about the trip on http://mjgrandvacation.wordpress.com -- that's another of my blogs and I'm doing it in one place for my non-fannish friends.... go ahead and follow me over there if you're at all nosey.... not a lot there yet....

I'll stop by and say hello when I can but there will be days I don't have internet access.... I'm having withdrawal pains already! ;-)

I'll have lots of writing time, I'm working on my Big Bang story and other things... so there will be new fic when I get back. \o/

Take care of yourselves....

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