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Sweet Charity / pimpage

OMG, I've gone and volunteered to write a fic for Sweet Charity and... OMG, OMG, OMG, someone actually bid on me... two someones..... ::smishes you both::


Go and look... it's very cool... Price is very reasonable.... and a good cause!



Very Cool! (hey, I might just bid on you myself)

I have stuck to my promise not to auction myself this year, but I'm so glad you decided to do it!!
Since the Auction ends soonish, like this week, I think, I know I'm going on an extended vacation that will have some serious writing time. I have an AtlantisBigBang planned but I figure it's good to have something else (and smaller) to work on while I'm traveling... but there's a warning I may not make the 3 month deadline as part of the bid, figure that covers a multitude of sins.