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Mini NaNo Success!

NaNo Banner

Many thanks to the miniwrimo comm for the cheerleading, tracking and awesome banners!

I didn't write every day, but I wrote for 23 of the 30 days of November. And for my goal of 200 words per day, or 6000 words total for the month, I wrote over 18,000 words! This is seriously better than last year's total fail.... So.... Go, me!

You don't get to see the fic yet. Mostly because it's not done but it's also my SGA Secret Santa project...... so you'll have to wait on that! Sorry....

But there's an undermistletoe project that won't be quite so long that you'll get to see December 19 when it's posted.... a Harlequin romance with our John and Rodney... so something to look forward to!


I am in awe. You tripled your goal, you little overachiever, you? and you also work full-time, right? *marvels*