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The Chair - Part 3, NC-17

Title: The Chair - Part 3

Author: goddess47

Rating: NC-17

Warnings/Spoilers: Minor reference to 'First Strike' and 'Adrift'

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Length: 550 words

Summary: For the neevebrody and melegan's Blow Job Friday, which can be found here

Okay, the prompt was actually "competition" but invoking the John Sheppard Rule Book, I used the "nostalgia" and "pre season 4" ideas mentioned.....

Links to previous entries under the cut...

Part 1
Part 2


"What the fuck are you doing to me?" John raged in the privacy of his room. He had held it together long enough to get away from the Control Chair but now he was pissed.

Panting, John stood in the center of the room. Waiting. He didn't know what to expect but at this point he felt entitled to --- something, anything. An explanation would be nice but he didn't really expect anything as coherent as that.

Over the years John's connection with the city through his ATA gene had grown to something more than just being an on and off switch. There were times that information came to him, unasked for, about a room they were exploring or a device they had found. At first he had passed it off as good guessing but in the last couple of years it had become something... different. He was right too often for it to be guessing anymore.

It was about the time they had lost Elizabeth that the connection changed. She had become a good friend and his emotions had been pretty wide open at that point between worry about Elizabeth and the fear of what might happen to the city as it flew in space. The extended time he spent in the Chair flying the city to get away from the Asurans had cemented and changed the connection he had with the city.

He rarely admitted to himself how much he liked Elizabeth, she was a good boss and a good friend, but nothing more. What he never thought about, except alone in the darkness of the night, was that he had lost his heart to Rodney from almost the first time they had met. Getting to know the sarcastic, demanding, egotistical Dr. Rodney McKay had only confirmed John's initial reaction. Beneath the rough exterior was the person John wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

It wasn't until less than an hour ago that John had learned that Rodney might not be strictly heterosexual. Rodney's roving eye for women, his long-time crush on Samanta Carter and now his relationship with Jennifer Keller gave no indication that he would be interested in John as more than a friend.

Now. Now he could taste Rodney on his lips and feel the weight of Rodney's body on his. And Atlantis had put an image of a naked Rodney jerking off and saying his name -- the sound of Rodney sighing John! as he came left John wanting more. More than the taste of Rodney's lips, he wanted to taste all of Rodney... longings he had packed away so long ago because he thought they were out of reach, came back.

To taste Rodney... to lick his way up Rodney's cock..... take it into his mouth and swirl his tongue along the shaft.... to feel the cock fully harden as he nibbled along the side.... the softness of the sacs underneath.... the sounds Rodney would make as he came down John's throat......

Not realizing that he had reached down to touch himself, John's own orgasm from the thought of having Rodney like this took him by surprise. His reaction to the Chair had made him hard but it was the thought of tasting Rodney.....

He stumbled to his bed and sat down heavily. In the silence of his room, the rage was gone and the despair echoed, "What the fuck are you doing to me?"
Tags: mcshep. fic, the_chair

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