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The Chair - Part 2, NC-17

Title: The Chair - Part 2
Author: goddess47
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Warnings/Spoilers: Minor reference to Season 5
Pairing: McKay/Keller, McKay/Sheppard
Length: 1000 words
Summary: Rodney is so confused.

Part 2 seems to fit the current mcsheplets prompt of Wet…. ::nods vigorously:: and is in honor of last week's pic!spam of Rodney that neevebrody posted for Blow Job Friday. Go see the pretty pictures.

Before you ask, yes, there may will probably be more.... depends on whether the Muse has fed the bunnies this week. And, un-beta'd. If there's anything glaring, let me know.....

Start Here – Part 1

Rodney stood in the control room, not seeing the Chair in front of him that had just so dramatically changed his life. Again. Well, not the same Chair but close enough. When a messy-haired Major had sat in the Chair in Antarctica and showed him the solar system, he had opened Rodney's life to opportunities he hadn't known existed.

Now, today. He had kissed John Sheppard. Rodney licked his lips and tasted the other man. John – it hadn't been Sheppard in his head for a long time – had never given him any reason to suspect that his deeper feelings had been returned and Rodney had respected that. And now… now he had kissed John Sheppard and had probably lost the best friend he ever had.

"Rodney?" Jennifer Keller startled him as she came into the Control room, data pad in hand. "Where's Colonel Sheppard? I need a few more readings." She looked around, to see if Sheppard was elsewhere in the room. The test Rodney and Zelenka had been performing on the shield had been an opportunity for her to get more information about the effect of the Control Chair on the physiology of someone sitting in it.

"He….. we….." Rodney stuttered. "He thought you were done, I guess."

"Oh, okay," she replied absently. "There's the beginning of an odd spike at the end, just wanted to see if he could tell me if he felt anything."

Rodney swallowed. He wanted to know the same thing. John had mentioned something about the city and a 'sound bite' but he hadn't said more than that. "I…. don't know," Rodney answered. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, "I suspect you'll have to ask him yourself."

"No problem," she shrugged. Without warning, she leaned in and brushed a kiss across his lips, "See you at dinner?"

Could she taste John on him? Rodney panicked at the thought and had to resist jerking bodily away from her. "Um… I think we're going to be working on the test results. Me and Radek, that is. Yes, working tonight, no time for dinner," Rodney babbled. "I'll just get a sandwich or something later."

"I could bring you something," Jennifer offered with a smile. The smile faded as Rodney just looked at her without answering. "What's wrong?"

Everything. "Nothing, nothing, just a thought that I didn't want to lose," Rodney answered hastily.

Jennifer shrugged, "Okay, see you later then." She walked back out of the Control room, tapping more at her data pad.

Rodney blindly gathered up his things, packing up his computer by instinct and removing the data leads he had set up for the test. He looked at the Chair, not thinking about what he was doing but remembering the warm, firm body that had pressed back into his, John's mouth on his……. fuck…. the sense-memory hit him hard -- he had to close his eyes and take several deep breaths to control his reaction. He couldn't go walking the corridors of the city like this. Paying attention to making sure he gathered up all his materials before he left helped calm him.

"Okay, what do we have?" Rodney asked as he walked into the lab.

Radek waved him over, "I think that did it…." He pointed at the computer he had been working on and Rodney could see the work on a white board behind him.

Rodney lost himself in the data. He and Radek argued about the meaning of the data, set up simulations and Rodney further bemoaned the ZPMs they had given back to Earth for more power would let them actually try this as an experiment and not have to guess.

Rodney remembered power bars and the taste of stale coffee as he fell into bed at some point. His stomach grumbled at him as he dropped off to sleep.

"McKay?" Sheppard's voice on his radio.

"Nnn-ggg-nnn?" Rodney mumbled. He slapped at the radio he must have fallen asleep wearing. Ow, that hurt, he thought as he moved the radio slightly.

"You coming with us?" Sheppard demanded.

"Ummm…… what?" Rodney tried to find some functional brain cells. Oh, fuck. A mission! Deep breath. "Sorry, I was…. up all night with Zelenka," Rodney answered. "What time is it?"

"Almost noon," Rodney was grateful for the thread of humor he heard in John's voice. "I take it we need to scrub the mission?"

Rodney rubbed a hand over his face wearily. "Sorry, sorry, sorry," he chanted. "You just woke me and I need a decent meal before I can go anywhere. I didn't get one last night and I've obviously missed breakfast."

"Okay," John answered briefly. "I'll talk to Woolsey about rescheduling."

Rodney resisted asking John to meet him for lunch. He wasn't sure what they would talk about and, even worse, he was afraid John would turn him down. He wasn't sure he was ready for that reality. At least John was still talking to him, at least in an official capacity. He'd take what crumbs he could get.

"Okay, thanks," Rodney replied. John signed off and Rodney swung his feet to the floor as he sat up in the bed. He staggered to the bathroom and stripped off his clothing kicking everything into a corner so he wouldn't trip over things later. He stepped into the steaming shower.

Rodney couldn't stop thinking about John, and Jennifer. Jennifer and John. What was the saying? If you think my girlfriend's hot, you should see my boyfriend. Boyfriend? Where did that come from, Rodney wondered with a lot less panic than he would have thought. Images of John circled in his head… Rodney let the water pound on his shoulders as thoughts of John in the shower…. John with him in the shower….. water flattening out the hair, running down John's chest…. through the hair on his chest, across the flat stomach…… down……

Rodney hadn't realized he had his hand on his cock until he was coming…. coming hard….. to the thought of a wet, lickable John Sheppard in the shower with him.

He was so screwed.

Part 3
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