goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Soliciting a Beta

Thought I'd spam my own flist and see if anyone is available and interested in beta-ing a fic that I plan for Big Bang.... The requirement is for 2 betas and the ever lovely fenchurch1 has already agreed, so I'm looking for a second beta to assist....

If you're not familiar, the Big Bang is a SGA writing project, fics must be 40,000 (meep!) words or longer. I've never written anything quite that long and will need someone to help read and nag me as we go along.

Since they have no official prompts this year, I have a sappy McShep total AU planned. I have a very basic outline that is about 1/2 the story that I can send anyone who might be interested.

Dates are important. This is the planned schedule so I'd be looking for some serious help in the August and September time frame. I'm working on starting now, but I have this "hey, look, a chicken" distraction thing that someone can help me fight... ;-)

-May 22nd: Writer/Artist sign-ups open.
-May 29th: Writer/Artist sign-ups close.
-August 14th: 15,000 word check-in.
-September 29th: COMPLETED story drafts are due.
-October 1st: Stories go to artists.
-October 14th: Final copy of stories submitted to the story database. No exceptions will be made.
-November 2nd: Art, vids, etc., due.
-November 12th (or 13th): Site goes live.

If you're interested, leave me a message here or send me an email: computergoddess47 at yahoo dot com


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