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McShep Award Nomination!

McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards, 2007

OMG... someone nominated one of my stories for the McShep Awards!!! I will automatically suspect one of you on my flist..... thank you, thank you, to that lovely anonymous person....

The fic they nominated was A Video for John which was yet another Shrine tag.... I have absolutely no expectations of this since there are so many talented folk out there but it's so much fun to be nominated.... You have made my week!

::walking on air::


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Nomination well deserved, may I add.

Awww.... sucks ::facepalm:: shucks..... ::grin::


Edited at 2009-01-13 02:17 am (UTC)
Congratulations!! cep xxx
Thank you so much!!!
Congrats. And don't count yourself out. :)
Thanks for the vote of confidence! ;-)
Hee, congrats. *\o/* Ain't it great! I have no idea who nominated my Brendan/Emmett story either ;P

So what say you, we'll simply keep our fingers crossed for our stories. And I absolutely agree with you, being nominated in itself is just such a nice feeling. *hugs*
It is so cool.... I've never been nominated so that alone is a great feeling.... It's the "somebody likes me!" feeling...

Now I have to especially watch for the voting to go live!