Words Spoken in Darkness, G

Title: Words Spoken in Darkness

Author: goddess47

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Length: ~400 words

Summary: For the mcsheplets Challenge #35: The Other Side of the Deadline 2 and Challenge #34: Unspoken -- sliding in under the wire....

John listened to see if he could identify what woke him. He could tell by the shadows that it was late.... or rather.... early. Too early to even think about getting up.... early enough that he could go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Hearing nothing untoward, he wriggled a bit to relax tense muscles, to close his eyes, to fall asleep. He didn't move far because Rodney had him pinned to the bed, wrapped around him tightly, and he didn't want to wake the other man. When Rodney slept soundly, nothing would wake him and even in deepest sleep he never let go of John.

John's hand ghosted along Rodney's broad shoulders, making sure the sheet covered them both. Only in the coldest weather did they need more than the single sheet since Rodney radiated enough heat in his sleep to keep an entire contingent warm. But he couldn't sleep without the simple covering and was restless when it slipped off them. John had learned early to make sure he had extra large sheets to keep Rodney sleeping peacefully.

In the dark, he couldn't see Rodney's face but he knew it was only in sleep that the tense lines around his eyes relaxed.... that he looked younger and more carefree than he ever did awake.... even in the good moments they had together Rodney's eyes held a tinge of worry.... as if happiness was something Rodney didn't deserve....

Rodney didn't say it but John could read between the lines... Rodney worried that he didn't deserve to have John.... didn't deserve to be his companion.... his lover...... John couldn't convince him that it was the other way around....John didn't know how someone as brilliant and caring and good looking as Rodney would settle for him....

In the end, John considered that maybe... just maybe.... fate had conspired to make their lives hard enough that, in their disbelief, they got what they deserved.... each other.....

Rodney's grip tightened briefly before he snuffled slightly and settled back into sleep. John lay back, wrapped his arm back around Rodney's shoulder and again closed his eyes. He moved his head slightly to drop a brief kiss on the top of Rodney's head, whispering words against Rodney's skin he couldn't shape in daylight.....

Love you, so much...


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Lovely little picture, so heartfelt.

Awww.... thanks! ;-)
Oh, John. So sweet and tender.
He is, isn't he? Thanks!
;-) Thanks so much!
Oh, wow. The cute, melty, goodness.

::fans you gently::

They are cute, aren't they? Thanks!
Oh. Oh! Just make my heart go squish, whydoncha?? Oh John, hug Rodney & tell him you love him when you're awake, you doof. Oh Rodney, hug John & listen to him when you're awake, moron. * sigh * ....
You do want to knock their heads together sometimes, don't you? ;-)

::whimpers:: Gorgeous.
::snuggles you gently::

And that is the perfect icon! ;-)

Ohhhhh, beautiful...

They are pretty together.....

Aww, this is lovely. I always love images of the boys sleeping together.
That is a pretty picture, isn't it? Thanks!
A little angsty, but very lovely.
They don't have it easy and neither really wants to think too hard about having each other because it might go away.... Thanks!
;-) Thanks! Glad you liked it!
Aww, so adorable. I love this little snapshot of them together. Thanks for sharing!
You're welcome.... glad you liked it!
This is really really beautiful. So much love!
Awwwww... thanks..... ;-)
Love and sleepy cuddling... lovely!
While they'd never admit to cuddling, they are cute that way! Thanks!
. Rodney worried that he didn't deserve to have John

Oh my heart.

*cuddles boys*
Yeah.... Rodney sees too many options and always thinks John could do better... good thing John doesn't think so! Thanks!
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