June 7th, 2021


The June Something - Day 7

The June Something Masterlist created by [personal profile] squidgiepdx

Day 7: What's the longest time you've been in a fandom. Not necessarily your oldest fandom, but a fandom that you started and still continue to read/write/create content for in some way.

It's going to be Stargate SG-1.

That's where I really started participating in fandom, when SG-1 was on the air. Bumpity billion years ago!

While I don't create as much content in SG-1 as I do in other fandoms, I do occasional SG-1 fests, include SG-1 characters in my SGA fic, and I rec Jack O'Neill fics on [community profile] stargateficrec (on DW) every month. This entry was originally posted at https://goddess47.dreamwidth.org/109098.html. Comment here or there as you please.