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June 13th, 2019

Who wants to play?

I just stumbled across this... https://fandomcalendar.dreamwidth.org/545940.html

It's a "create your own adventure" fest... and it has really low requirements -- a *total* of 5000 words and 2 different choice points...

I'm looking to do this in SGA (as a warning to my non-SGA friends), and had the initial thoughts:

The base is going to planet X (we'd coordinate names at some point) and it's the usual 'meet the locals' and there's a temple. So the first choice point would be to go into the temple (for reasons) or to not go into the temple (for other reasons).

That gives us three stories to start with.

Each temple choice would have a single choice point, to be determined by the person to pick the option... as an example, the 'not into the temple' option could be because it's a falling down wreck and it's obviously dangerous even to Rodney. But there's an energy signature within that Rodney wants to check out. There could be a learning about the temple (and it doesn't have to agree with the 'going into the temple' story!) and then the choice could be rebuilding the temple (because the locals are enthusiastic about the idea) or getting thrown in to the local jail for the blasphemy. So the last two stories on that arc would be writing those choices...

So there would be 7 stories total:

Into temple / Not into temple
Into temple events A / into temple events B / not into temple events A / not into temple events B

Well, there could be more, but we're looking to get this done... and there are at least the illusion of deadlines, but those are relatively far out. Final story is due Oct 26... but to let the A/B folk have time to work with their fic, the Into/Not into folk would have to have at least an outline by mid-late August...

Based on the 5K minimum, it would be best if each piece aims for 800-1000 words (more is more than okay!), but that keeps it finite for anyone who's worried about writing length.

To make it simple and allow for the largest participation, while I'm a McShep girl, the story would be at a PG level (allowing for language and canon-level violence) with a focus on plot and not as much on relationships; this is team!fic would be the best way to think about it. Because there's more Ronon canon, I'd use Ronon and not Ford in the base. But all other SGA characters are fair game. And, if you can fit them in, any OCs or crossover folk are welcome!

I'm going to sign up and I've already asked the mods about making sure I can put more names on the final piece. I'm assuming it'll go on AO3, so putting multiple authors on a work is simple.

I'll write the base, and be more than glad to fill in any holes as they appear.

Also, once we have participants, we should plan to use our own Google Docs to be able to share our pieces so we can write offline but where we can let others participating see how the stories are shaping up. Especially the two Into/Not into folk need to let the others see what they're working off of.

If we get more folk wanting to play, it's easy to set up another choice point. The simplest I can think of is at the Into/Not into stage, where there's another option. My initial thought is 'go back to Atlantis' (or maybe 'the wraith show up') but if someone has an idea they'd like to play with, I'm more than wide open to that. But that option should have one choice point, so there would be both an A and B ending to that option.

So? Want to play?

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Friday Five - Vacations!

Check out the [community profile] thefridayfive for this week!


1. What was your favorite childhood vacation?

When I was maybe 11 or 12, we went on a family vacation to Yellowstone park. Now. This was in the 60's and we drove from Buffalo, NY to Wyoming. Towing a camping trailer. I don't remember any of the tedious driving (probably because I had my nose in a book!), but I remember Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore (before it became a horrid tourist trap!) and the Badlands... and we were in gods-country-nowhere one night and ended up in a hotel room because my folk had no idea where to find a campground. We had never stayed in a hotel before, so that was an experience.

2. What is your dream vacation?

It's an odd dichotomy...

I want to get on a cruise ship and just go around in circles for two weeks. I don't care about destinations, I love the water and the ambiance of a cruise and can do that forever.

But I'd also like to get in a car and just drive, with only a vague destination and no deadline. So can stop at that silly roadside zoo, or stay for the local production of whatever play is going on, or browse through a local museum.

3. If you could take a trip around the world, what locations would you be sure to include?

If I could travel without having to travel (if that makes sense), I'd love to go to Paris, and on a Safari in Africa, and to Antarctica, and to visit some of my fandom friends who live around the world, so they could show me their home towns!

4. Do you prefer vacations to new destinations, to familiar destinations, or a mix?

A mix, I guess. I'm happy with re-visiting the familiar places and spending more time finding little things I've missed before. But the grand 'you must see' things can be fun!

5. What activities would you plan for a two week staycation?

Well, that's kind of my life now, now that I'm retired. But I'm thinking about a "museum day" and a "let's see the town nearby day" to make sure I don't vegetate in the house (but if I'm not home, I don't have time to write!).

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