September 1st, 2016


September posts

Welcome to September... I mean, how the heck is it even September already? It feels like it should be maybe June... le sigh.

The goal is to post daily through the month... I even typed in and deleted the word 'try' to make sure I don't give myself an automatic out before I even start.

For the first time, ever, I signed up for [profile] stargateficrec and I gave into the sad puppy eyes that begged for some SG-1 fic... I only committed to "Jack O'Neill" which means I have some pretty wide-open options there... I did fall in love with Jack O'Neill long before John Sheppard came along, so this will be going back to my roots. I'll have to see what I can find to rec... if you have any favorite SG-1 stories, do let me know so I can rec it.

Time to toddle off to bed... sat up reading too late last night and it's starting to catch up with me...

See you tomorrow!

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