October 25th, 2015


Hoeing out...

I read an article eons ago about an office practice called "hoeing out"... where one literally threw out anything not current, not needed and kept 'just because'...

Well, I just spent like 10 days hoeing out my office/guest room... I'm proud/embarrassed that I had 6+ kitchen garbage bags I took out to the garbage, another half dozen grocery bags of stuff to recycle/give away and another 2-3 bags (not quite done) that will go to the goodwill.

All of this from essentially a 11x11 bedroom!

I was pretty ruthless in just getting rid of things/mementos/trinkets that had minor sentimental value but, until I saw it again, forgot I even had it. I had just spent months cleaning out mom and dad's house with all the 'stuff' they had collected over 50+ years and I wasn't going to leave that level of cleaning to whomever will be cleaning up after me. I had shoe boxes full of pictures... a lot of them were just scenery! Pretty pictures of places we've been but now relatively meaningless... the pictures with people in them are going to my niece or the SIL who still keeps such things. Kept a small handful of meaningful pictures for myself, and then binned the rest.

And, the room is momentarily clean! So I'm ready for company if anyone comes...

The rest of the house needs some not-quite-so-dramatic cleaning... it's our turn to have the hubby's family rotating Thanksgiving dinner this year... so it's an excellent excuse to do that hoeing out/cleaning and when it's done (although it won't be done until the end of November, drat this day job thing!), I'll have lovely leftovers *and* a clean house to enjoy them in.

Okay, there's still a carton of "things to sort later" that I should at least look at... then maybe some writing... that SGA_Santa still needs lots of work!