May 15th, 2015


SGA Author Appreciation: Velocitygrass

Recs for Velocitygrass

If you haven’t seen any of the other posts, [personal profile] popkin16 is hosting an “SGA Author Appreciation” week… she’ll have a master list in a couple of days, if you’re interested in more.

Velocitygrass (Gabriele) is the faithful, tireless maintainer of the [community profile] mcsheplets community. She’s written endless stories for her own prompts, so that every prompt has at least one fic. But she’s written for multiple SGA Big Bangs, one Extreme Big Bang (over 100K words) and is working on another Extreme Big Bang. She’s always generous with her time, doing art and fic for many different fests over the years.

I’ve picked only a handful of fic from an extensive list; go and read more of her stories.

Gabriele is in the process of moving copies of all of her fic to AO3, found here:

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