August 23rd, 2014


Anyone available for a quick and dirty beta?

I have a Harry Potter fic that's a Harry Potter / SG-1 / Atlantis cross over... Harry and Severus are fleeing the Wizarding world and end up in Atlantis... so it's Harry/Severus, implied Jack/Daniel and John/Rodney pairings but the largest part of the story is from Severus' POV. I'm ignoring the timeline, it's pretty much an AU.

It's technically due Monday (yeah, I know!) but I can ask the mods for a minor extension.

It's 23K (!) but all I really need a quick SPAG and look for plot holes... there isn't time for major edits at this point... ::grin:: But it's something I've been fiddling with for a couple of years, on and off, and I'm just glad to get it done.

Many thanks!