August 14th, 2014


In Chicago! Whee!

Normally, August is like the busiest time of the year for work. I barely take lunch, much less two days (and the weekend!) off. But, well, for a discussion better left when there's people to hug and alcohol, 2014 has been a pretty sucky year.

So, I said 'fuck it' and registered for the Chicago convention... back in March. Good thing, since the year didn't improve any.

I don't have the best camera equipment, but plan to take what pics I can and will share -- probably well after I get back since I have to hit the ground running on Monday. But for the moment, I have alone time, a really nice hotel room, and anticipate to talk my fool head off the rest of the weekend with the friends I know are coming and the ones I hope to meet.

If you're on my flist and you're also in Chicago, we should look for each other... Ping me and we can see about meeting up.