August 31st, 2013


Work in Progress, 6/?

Moar! ::grin::

Well, a snippet....


"I doubt it's that bad. Ten pounds in that time should be easily do-able," John agreed. "And we'll do some jogging... to up your stamina. How's that sound?"

Rodney grinned, "As long as you're not taking me running with Ronon, that'll be perfect. I love all the lab work I'm getting done but it's not the same as being out on missions." He laughed. "And even I never thought I'd be saying that."

John grinned back. "No running with Ronon, promise," he said. "Although I think Teyla could help us with some flexibility."

Rodney groaned but admitted, "Yeah, probably a good idea."

"Let's start with lunch," John proposed.

"Gotta start somewhere," Rodney agreed. "I know the theory of all this and, heck, I've been on diets. I just need some help to stick to it for any length of time."

"I can do that, buddy," John stood.

Rodney wobbled as he stood up from the creaky chair. John put his hand under Rodney's elbow to steady him.

"That chair's dangerous!" Rodney complained, not immediately moving from John's touch.

"No one ever sits in it," John said. "At least not more than once!"

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