January 1st, 2013


Day 30, Harry Potter, Harry/Severus, Good Food

Title: Good Food
Author: goddess47
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine...
Words: 100 x 3
Prompt: #30: Fruitcake/figgy pudding
Summary: "It's... surprisingly good," he admitted.

This was written and posted elsewhere on Sunday when LJ was crumbling underneath us.... one more after this!


Day 31, Stargate Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard, A Toast!

Title: A Toast!
Author: goddess47
Rating: G
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine...
Words: 100
Prompt: #31: Champagne Toast
Summary: "Here's to another good year," Rodney said.

NOTE: OMG! I made it... phew... Tomorrow's a busy day, so I'm putting this last piece up tonight! HUGE thanks to alisanne and torino10154 for their hard work in keeping this fest going!

Okay, LJ crumbled underneath me as I posted this on Sunday.... so here it is now!


Brown Paper Packages, PG, Harry Potter

Title: Brown Paper Packages
Author: goddess47
Gift Recipient: slu64
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,557
Warning(s): None
Summary/Prompt: Severus refused to open the mysterious packages; he wasn't sure he wanted to know who they were from.
A/N: Thanks to M-C for the advice and look over!

This was my submission for the 2012 Secret Snarry Exchange...

Brown Paper Packages

And torino10154 wrote for me While the Mice are Away but since it's a delicious NC-17, you have to join the snape_potter comm to actually read it!

2012 - Fic Summary!

Well, heck, looks like 2012 was the year of the drabble... whatever works!

The summer was kinda 'dry' but October through December, I was a writing fool! Mostly drabbles, but from Nov 1 through Dec 31, I wrote something every single day. Great habit that I know I can't keep up, but it's a great momentum for 2013!

There's still the 2012 SGA_Santa story to add and there's a HP_mini_fest story to go... I'll add them to next year's list!

I wrote 99,000 words this year! Whoa! That's a serious up-tick from last year's 86K, but a good chunk of that was in the Atlantis Big Bang Story on AO3 that I never linked to from my journals... go figure. But lots of you found it anyway and made lovely comments, there, too!

If I'm ambitious, I'll be uploading to AO3 and other places.... You'd think I'd just cross-post as I go along. And keep track of everything, too! Next year!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that read, commented, helped and just plain hung around... Here's to a great 2013!