January 1st, 2012


2011 Fic List!

For I think the first time ever, a year-in-review! 2011 was reasonably productive with 20 fics, two pictures (I never do art, blame Squee weekend since they both came from there) and a total of 67,145 words. Huh. More than I expected. Although to be honest the numbers are taken from the posted values and, well, they've been rounded somewhere along the line. But, well, 67K is good!

There's a vague goal to upload what's not there to Archive of Our Own and Wraithbait... I'm Goddess47 on both those sites...

I've signed up for inkingitout, which is only on DW, for 2012 – hoping for 75,000 words for the year! Hopefully, there will be a series of fic for ancientctybingo out of that!

Thanks to the betas, the readers and the commenters… and the mods since most of these seem to be for challenges of one sort or another.