November 24th, 2011


An Embarressment of Reading Goodies!

Turns out I have even more to be Thankful for today!

Thanks to sarah_madison for pointing me to elisa_rolle and her journal celebrating five years of posting book reviews... she was giving away lots of goodies and I got what I suspect is more than my fair share of goodies!

I got a 2-fer book set *and* a copy of Practice Makes Perfect (written by the lovely Sarah Madison!) and this morning I find a notice that I won this week's Rainbow Award Cover contest and got to pick yet another book from a very long list!

And I downloaded the "Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two" that has another Sarah Madison story in it...

Have to finish my sga_santa story *and* I have a shot to finish the journeystory fic that is *finally* moving along... something about looming deadlines get me working harder! ::grin::

So, Happy Thankgiving to all, no matter where you are!