May 6th, 2007


The Others

Title: The Others
Author: ComputerGoddess47
Author URL:
Date: May 6, 2007
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Warning: None really
Summary: Ronan asks John for a favor.
Spoiler: Sateda; The Return, Part 2
Archive: Area 52; anyone else, ask

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"Sheppard," the voice growled from the doorway, "we have to go after them."

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard sighed. Ronan Dex loomed in the doorway to the balcony he was sitting on, ostensibly watching the night sky. John has come out for some quiet time for himself.

John idly wondered who had told Ronan. Rodney most likely, since it was Rodney who had figured it out in the first place. Wasn't important. He had suspected this would come up at some point.

"How many are there?" John asked.

"Five," Ronan informed him.

"Huh," John said. One fewer, assuming they were the same people. When Ronan had been re-taken by the Wraith, Rodney had found six other runner signals in Pegasus, besides Ronan's. One had been captured, or died, since that time.

"Well?" the Satedan demanded.

John looked up at the not-quite-unfamiliar stars. Time in Atlantis had made a few of the brighter stars become less strange. He wasn't much of an astronomer, but he appreciated the night sky. Ronan waited patiently behind him.

"We can't get them all at once," Sheppard warned him. Even with the fully charged ZPM to run both the shield and cloak, he wasn't going to annoy the Wraith or, even worse, alert them to the continuing existence of Atlantis.

"Just trying will be enough," Ronan agreed.

"Not going to bring them back to Atlantis without Elizabeth's approval," John had to say. They had gotten lucky with Ronan, that he had fit into the Atlantis expedition after a rocky start. John had fought hard for Ronan, but knew in Pegasus that you didn't push your luck too hard.

"There are places we could take them," Ronan said, thoughtfully.

"Did you know any of the others?" John asked. He was mostly curious.

"Nah," Ronan answered. "I did run into another once, but we knew that two of us in one place would bring the Wraith even faster." He shrugged. "Left as soon as I knew he was there."

John grunted at that. Made sense.

After a bit, Ronan asked again, "Well?"

"Yeah," John sighed. "We'll do it."